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Java cooking is the new home of JEasy and will be enhanced by other useful tools.

The intention is to develop applications for web, mobile or as standalone


The first step was JEasy, which has been started in 1998 and redesigned in 2008 in version 3.0.
It separates GUI design and code. The JEasy components and the runtime library provide a lot of functionality for getting better results in less time.
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Serialization of data

The implementation of serialization and deserialization in JEasy is based on XML. For filling a form out of xml and save the data back to xml, JEasy offers the JEMessage objects. To store data in xml format in a database persistence layer needs a transformation in a table model. The idea of the JExdb library is to write xml messages as they are in a file system. Every type of xml structure will have its own file and its own index. For writing and update data a unique key is used. Querys use the XML query syntax. The JExdb is introduced as a small example inside the JEasyExample application. We will give it out soon as a separate tool!
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Parsing XML

The SAX parser is included into the jdk since v1.4. JEasy uses the SAX parser and enhance it by storing the xml elements in a treenode structure. Working with the data is more comfortable then. The new jeasy objects JESaxParser, JENodes and JEElements offers some methods for