Package de.cbse.jeasy

Interface Summary
JECallBack The interface JECallBack defines all callBack methods the jeasy components will call when an event occurs.

Class Summary
JEAnimation Implements properties used for animation of Color changes and collapsing/expanding panes.
JEAutomation The JEAutomation offers a script interface for the java robot class in XML format.
JEAutomationThread Thread used in JEAutomation
JEBorder JEBorder creates several borders out of the swing.BorderFactory.
JEButton JButton enhances the JButton component of swing.
JEButton2D The JEButton2D is a subclass of JButton and is used by JEButton when a gradintPaint or texturePaint is defined.
JEButtonGroup The JEButtonGroup is based on a ButtonGroup and will be used as a reference in JERadioButtons and JETaskPanel.
JECheckBox The JECheckBox implements a JCheckbox and a JLabel.
JECheckBoxMenuItem The JECheckBoxMenuItem implements a JCheckBoxMenuItem.
JEChildIterator Iterator to get all childs of a JEParentComponent.
JEChildProperties Properties of a jeasy child of a JEParentComonent.
JEColor Implements a Color object.
JEColumnIdentifier Used to set as an identifier for TableColumn objects.
JEComboBox Implements a JComboBox and a JLabel.
JEComboList A subclass of a JEComboBox that implements a JComboBox and a JLabel.
JEComponent The super class of all jeasy swing components.
JEConstraints Implements a GridBagConstraints object.
JEDataField Implements a JTextField and a JLabel.
JEDataType Defines the type, length and format of data to be typed in a JEDataField.
JEDefaultJECallBack Implementation of a JECallBack interface.
JEDesktopPane Implements a JDesktopPane.
JEDialog Implements a JDialog.
JEDynamicContainer This class enables dynamical creation of a JEPanel by an XML string.
JEEditorPane Implements a JEditorPane.
JEElement JEElement is part of a JENode, a XML structure as a TreeNode.
JEFont Implements a Font.
JEFormat Implements a reformating of entries.
JEFrame Implements a JFrame.
JEGlobal The JEGlobal object holds a lot of properties that define the look and feel of the applications.
JEGradientPaint Implements a GradientPaint that may be used for some jeasy objects like JEPanel or JEButton.
JEHelp The JEHelp offers a connection to an editorpane.
JEHttpClient The JEHttpClient is the client component of the communication with the servlet JEHttpConnector.
JEImageIcon Implements a ImageIcon.
JEInputVerifier Implements a java InputVerifier.
JEInsets Implements Insets object used for GridBagConstraints and button margins.
JEInternalFrame Implements a JInternalFrame See a demonstration in the program JEasyExample tab "Desktop".
JEInvoke A thread used by JEMethodInvocation to run an task.
JELabel Implements and enhances a JLabel.
JELabel2D Implements a JLabel and enhances it with gradientPaint, texturePaint and antialiasing.
JEList Implements a JList.
JELocale Implements a java Locale.
JELocaleProperties This calls extends a HashMap for holding properties as a key <-> value reference.
JEMenu Implements a JMenu.
JEMenu2D Extends a JMenu and is used by JEMenu when antialiasing is set to true.
JEMenuBar Implements a JMenuBar.
JEMenuItem Implements a JMenuItem.
JEMenuItem2D Extends a JMenuItem and is used by JEMenuItem when antialiasing is set to true.
JEMessage A JEMessage serializes and deserializes a jeasy component and all its children using a XML format.
JEMethodInvocation A JEMethodInvocation is an XML interface for JEasy objects and methods.
JENode JENode implements a XML structure as a TreeNode.
JEObject The class all JEObjects extend.
JEOptionPane Implements a JOptionPane.
JEPanel Implements a JPanel.
JEPanel2D Only for internal use by JEPanel.
JEParentComponent Superclass for all JEasy components like frame, dialogs, panels, tabbedPanes, ...
JEPopup Implements a panel that may be popuped at every position.
JEProgressBar Implements a JProgressBar.
JEProperties JEasy properties and its constants.
JEProperty A class representing the entries of the property.xml.
JERadioButton Implements a JRadioButton.
JERadioButton2D Used by JERadioButton if a gradientPaint or TexturePaint is defined.
JERadioButtonMenuItem Implements a JRadioButtonMenuItem.
JESaxParser The JESaxParser class uses a a SAXParser to parse a XML structure out of a file
or string into a JENode structure.
JESimpleParser Some simple methods to parse a string in XML format.
JESpinner Implements a JSpinner.
JESplitPane Implements a JSplitPane.
JEStart The class JEStart is a singleton and defines the main frame containing all other components.
JEString Implements a String that is stored by a jeasy id.
JETabbedPane Implements a JTabbedPane.
JETable Implements a JTable and enhances it functionality.
JETableCellRenderer A TableCellRendere for the jeasy tables.
JETableHeaderBorder Used for showing the filter or sort sign in the table header.
JETableModel An enhanced table model for jeasy tables.
JETaskPane Implements a TaskPane.
JETexturePaint Implements a TexturePaint.
JETheme Implements a DefaultMetalTheme.
JETimerTask Implements a panel that may be popuped at every position.
JETips A JETips reads tips of a day out of an XML file and/or a String .
JEToolBar Implements a JToolBar.
JETree Implements a JTree.
JETreeCellRenderer A TreeCellRenderer used for a JTree handling a tooltip, icons and colors.
JETreeNode Implements a DefaultMutableTreeNode.
JEUtil A few nice static methods used by the jeasy library and jeasy applications.
JEWindow Implements a JWindow.
JEWindow2D The JEWindow2D is a subclass of JWindow and is used by JEWindow when a gradientPaint or texturePaint is defined.
JEWorker A runnable class to animate change of colors and size of panels.
JEXMLMetalTheme A class that extends DefaultMetalTheme.
XMLTreeHandler Handler used to write the parsed entries into a tree structure.