Swing GUI Builder and Java Framework using XML
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New Version JEasy 3.5 (May 2012)

Comming soon: Version 4.0 will include JavaFX in SWING!

A framework for java applications and applets.
JEasy is the idea to define all the GUI components in XML
and write java code only for handling events.

  • JEasy is the easiest way to create RichClient java applications and applets for JAVA platforms
  • JEasy uses the Swing components
  • All GUI components are stored in an XML file
  • Use the JEasy Repository to define all components and forms. Use the preview to see the result at once
  • Import the library jeasy.jar to build the GUI with a few lines of code
  • Use JEasy messages to bring data in your forms and vice versa
  • Use the JEasy automation api to test your application
  • Try out different look&feels with colors, gradient paint, texture paint and themes
  • Define methodinvocations in XML and use them in your business objects at the server
  • *  Use the new locale to switch language or customer specifics rules at runtime
  • *  Better looking applications by undecorating your frame
  • *  Use animated color changing and animated expanding and collapsing task panes
  • *  Build forms and tables dynamic out of an xml dictionary
  • *  Use the predefined statusbar
  • *  Manage context help with the new context event
  • *  The servlet JEHttpConnector dispatches services to your server classes
  • *  Writing client-server applications or standalone applications in the same way

reduce design time to 20% and cut 80% lines of code

increase the quality and look of your applications

 JEasy Use Cases

  • RichClient feeling in the Web
  • Application running under Windows, Linux, SUN and Apple
  • Convert old architecture in J2EE
  • Porting "older" applications into "new world"
  • Writing ASP applications
  • Connectivity to SAP
  • Custom look & feel
  •  What's new in 3.5

  • Menu "New" opens a small template
  • Minor changes and enhancements
  • New algorithm for rounded borders
  •  What's new in 3.4

  • Arranging components using the mouse
  • Setting the aplpha composite of Panels
  • New parent component JELayeredPane
  • JEButton: new propety "link" to call a web link by pressing the button
  • JEHtml2Text: converts text to text
  • New algorithm for rounded borders
  •  What's new in 3.3

  • JEBorder: rounded lines border
  • JETable: Table header with gradient paint
  • JECheckBox, JERadioButton: set your own icons
  • JEasy API integrated in JEasyRepository
  •  What's new in 3.2

  • JEFrame: undecorated frame to define your own window bar
  • animated labels and buttons: you may define different foreground and background colors showing where the focus is or when a field entry is invalid
  •  What's new in 3.1

  • JETaskPane: Expandable and collapsable panel
  • JEAnimation: for animated color changing and expand/collapse
  • JEProgressBar